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About Us

Originally established in 1956 as a chapter of the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada (HUDAC) to serve the needs of the local home building industry, the local association has enjoyed steady growth to bring us where we are today, an association of 120 plus member organizations. Member organizations are involved in home building, land development, remodeling, multifamily construction, property management, municipal government, post-secondary education, subcontracting, design, housing finance, building product manufacturing and many other aspects of the residential construction industry.


Our Vision

“To be the voice of the home building, land development, and renovation industry in our community.”


Our Mission

“Building Industry and Land Development - Central Alberta" is responsible to its members and the community to develop and maintain a forum from which relationships are created, through collaboration, exposure, innovation, networking and knowledge sharing, with the intent of promoting growth, trust, safety and value.”


Our Values

“Trust, Safety, Value, Integrity, Collaboration, Professionalism, Advocacy”

Members of BILD-Central Alberta automatically become members of BILD-Alberta and CHBA National.

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