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Careers in Residential Construction

Why Residential Construction?

Looking for a rewarding career with great employment prospects today and in the future? The residential construction industry offers a wide range of career options, from skilled trades to project management, with opportunities to work for a variety of types of companies, be your own boss, or even build your own company over time. Building and renovating the homes and communities that are fundamental to people’s lives is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for hundreds of thousands of Canadians, and the opportunities are growing. 

Many people get their start in the industry by learning a trade. There is extremely high demand for skilled trades professionals in housing right now, and that demand is increasing every year. And in the trades, rather than going into debt for your education, you can begin your career getting paid to learn as you get your credentials, and earn a very competitive wage as you do it.
Building and renovating homes combines practical skills and creative thinking. It is a great fit for those who thrive on challenges, who like working with others, and who love seeing the tangible results of their efforts at the end of each day. And there is nothing like looking back over the years at all the great homes you helped to create for people. With a variety of careers to choose from, endless opportunities, and strong wages, the residential construction industry is a smart choice for those just starting out or any anyone looking for a career change.   

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1. SECURITY. You know there will always be a demand for new homes and renovation. That’s a sound foundation for a life-long career.


2. SOLID INVESTMENT. Extensive on-site and classroom training will give you recognized skills, hands-on experience and certification. Those are assets you can bank on.


3. HIGH DEMAND. The workforce in the residential construction industry is aging, and many skilled trades will retire over the next few years. At the same time, the demand for trades with technological skills is growing. This means greater job prospects for you!


4. CHOICE. Whatever your interests and aptitudes, there are plenty of options and opportunities to find the career and employment situation just right for you.


5. EARNINGS. The residential construction industry offers you fair pay for fair effort with wages that compare favourably with many other sectors.


6. HANDS-ON. Working on a construction site, you are physically active, not stuck behind a desk. Construction is tangible, and you can see the results of your efforts.


7. INTERESTING WORK. Trades work on a variety of job sites and projects. New challenges, new situations and continuous learning on the job— you will continue to grow and develop your skills.


8. MOBILITY. A career in the skilled trades means that you are not tied to one place. You can go wherever life may take you—for love,family, adventure, or greater prospects elsewhere.


9. SATISFACTION AND PRIDE. At the end of the day, or at the completion of a job, you know the contribution you made to a project and to a homeowner’s dreams. You can point to it, and say with pride: I did that! That’s a great feeling of accomplishment.


10. FUTURE GROWTH. Working in the trades opens the door to many opportunities. You can become a specialist in your field. You can become a site supervisor or manager. You may even want to start your own business.  

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